1 Season

In “Deadline,” the stories of crimes and heroics went from the police precincts to the offices of the New York Ledger, showcasing the journalists behind the publication that graced the desks and newstands of “Law & Order.”

Based on true stories and captivating headlines, the series focused on Wallace Benton (Oliver Platt), a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Ledger columnist. Working alongside his soon to be ex-wife Brooke Benton (Hope Davis), Benton’s story focused on his daily dealings with hard-hitting reporting and his investigative journalism student recruits who dive deeper into the lives of New York City citizens, unearthing secrets and front page stories in the process. The Ledger team also featured Nikki Masucci (Bebe Neuwirth), Si Beekman (Tom Conti), (Hildy Baker) Lili Taylor, Brooke Benton (Hope Davis), Charles Foster (Damon Gupton), and Beth Khambu (Christina Chang).

“Deadline” was created by Dick Wolf and executive produced by Wolf and Robert Palm for NBC.

Select Cast Members

Oliver Platt
Bebe Neuwirth
Tom Conti
Lili Taylor
Hope Davis
Damon Gupton
Christina Chang